"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." - Roald Dahl
Some stories are so good they are worth retelling. Last year I feel like I lived my very own version of a Christmas movie. The entire year was filled with experiences that renewed my faith, hope and sense of belief. One of the most touching and powerful parts of my story can be found in a post I made at Christmastime that year. I'm dedicating this week's All Good Things to the magic of the holidays & sense of belief that can carry us through all the waves of our lives and ultimately lead us to All Good Things! Enjoy my friends!
Post from 2015:
What do you believe?
I believe in miracles & love & synchronicity. I also believe when someone we love passes away their soul gets bigger in some way, and they never really leave us.
This Christmas I was given a gift that confirmed my faith in miracles, love, synchronicity & the power of our own beliefs. My mother who passed on 5 years ago spoke to me. How? My dad was given a copy of an essay she wrote in 1991. He was told "The Vine", a publication she used to write for frequently, wanted to republish her essay in this year's Christmas edition. My dad then chose to pass my mother's words on to my siblings & me as a Christmas gift, along with a handwritten letter of his own. This was not just special because it was an essay about Christmas from my mother, it was very special because it was exactly what my heart was wishing for. Sadly, somehow my family had lost all of her writings and teachings over the years. For a long time I didn't think it would be possible for me to ever find her work and finally learn what she had taught so many others. In 1991 I was a young teenager who really didn't pay much attention to my mom's work, at least not the way I should have. 2015 has been a year of allowing myself to believe again. I remember saying to myself just a few short weeks ago "If my mother wants me to have her work she'll find a way. God (the Universe/Source, whatever you choose to call it) always provides us all we want and truly need." I made that wish and said a prayer of thanks. Then this Christmas this gift appeared. It was brought right to me. I didn't even have to go looking for it. The lesson: Miracles do happen. God provides. Synchronicity is not something to be ignored. And, love is definitely the most powerful source in the world if we just allow ourselves to truly BELIEVE. Shared with love and hope that this renews your spirit this Christmas season and allows you to believe with the faith of a child. After all we are all children of God.
โค๏ธ Mary
The message of this post is even more heartfelt and true for me this year. Thank you for relieving a part of my real life, magical Christmas movie with me. My wish for you is that it touches you somehow in the way it touched me. May you be filled with steadfast hope that every moment of your life is working for you and leading right exactly where you need to be to have the desires of your heart fulfilled in the most magical ways possible.
Happy Holidays my friends!
Here's to enjoying your life & ALL GOOD THINGS!