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Oh, hey there yogi! Yes, that’s YOU!


Yep. If you’re reading this that means you’re on the road. You’re looking. Taking your health into your own hands. And the good news - it’s just one step away! I’m SO glad our paths have crossed and I get to share my yoga journey with YOU as you begin yours! You can read on to find out how the power of yoga has helped me & get some insight into how it could help you too.

I began practicing yoga in my home with Seane Corn videos.  This helped me relieve the tension of the day and of the unbearable pain I’d get living with fibromyalgia and a series of injuries to my neck and spine. Curiosity soon gave me a desire to learn more. The first in-person lessons I took were with Amber Cook and Morgan Lee at Moksha Yoga Center. They were and continue to be very inspirational. I learned things in their classes I could never get from just practicing videos at home.

I completed my first teacher training in 2015 with AmyBeth Treciokas at Yoga Now in Chicago, IL. During my training I found more strength and flexibility in my body than I had ever had in my life! I began sleeping better - a big deal for me since I struggled with insomnia. Thinking clearer and feeling peaceful and happy daily - also a big deal as I had struggled with depression. Developing a simple, regular yoga practice was the key that unlocked it all.

I finally felt good - STRONG, FLEXIBLE & PAIN FREE. Something I didn’t think was possible just months before. I could move and work and feel good daily when I practiced, so I made a commitment to myself to keep going with it. NO. MATTER. WHAT. I never intended to teach yoga classes, but not sharing the practice felt selfish. Like I’d be keeping the world’s greatest secret to all to myself. So, I decided to teach.

Since then I have studied with master teachers like Maty Ezraty, Clarie Mark, and Ingrid Yang. I’ve even spent time deepening my practices of yoga and meditation at The Chopra Center in California. One of my favorite places to learn and practice currently is Yogaview. You'll find me taking classes, workshops and exploring all types of yoga there.

Now I’ve logged over 1,000 hours teaching making me an E-RYT 200 Yoga Alliance certified teacher. I use this and all my years teaching elementary school to see your needs, connect quickly and make yoga meaningful and approachable for you.

I’m still on my journey and continuing to grow. Getting older, but feeling younger. Yep. I’m in my 40’s now and feeling better than when I was in my 20’s & 30’s! The more I practice and learn the more health and possibility I uncover. If I can do this I know for sure that you can too!

YOGA IS TRANSFORMATIVE. If you’re human you will benefit from this practice. So, I hope you get started today!

Contact me at to schedule a lesson for yourself, your family, friends, office or school. You deserve to feel good everyday.

Yoga Alliance Certified with over 1000 hours teaching experience.

Yoga Alliance Certified with over 1000 hours teaching experience.