If the only prayer you ever say is ‘THANK YOU” that will be enough.
 - Eckhart Tolle.

A rollercoster of emotions ran through me & nearly all of Chicago this week. I was excited, anxious, frustrated, elated, relieved, stunned and ultimately so happy I cried. Yes, me. Not really a big sports fan, but brought up in a family that has Cubby blue and pretty much all things Chicago pumping through their veins. I had goosebumps nearly all of this week. Witnessing so many incredible moments, massive gatherings of humanity and overwhelming joy stirred up my soul & touched my heart in ways I know I’ll never forget.

The lessons of this week are countless, but I’d like to focus on one this week. Gratefulness. It is November after all. The month of Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday. Why? Because expressing gratefulness is life changing. Individually it helps us set our mood & enjoy our lives. When shared it helps others feel seen and deepens our connections, making life feel rich. Gratitude makes what we have into enough and enough into light and abundance we can share with the world.

So today, I’d like to share my morning mantra with you. It focuses on gratitude.

The first thing I do as I wake up is say “Thank You” three times.
I do this as I blink open my eyes, taking a deep breath in between each blink.
1st blink: Thank you for my breath.
2nd blink: Thank you for my heartbeat.
3rd blink: Thank you for this day & the gifts it will bring.

Saying these words either mentally or out loud each day as I wake up makes me remember this life is a gift & it is meant to be enjoyed. It keeps me on the outlook for all the good things to come throughout the day no matter what my plans and tasks may be.
Sometimes I wake up feeling great and I want to say thank you to God/The Universe right away. Other days I wake up feeling off. Just cranky or down and I need a reset button to propel me in a positive direction for the day. Some emotional hygiene if you will. Something to clear out and let go of the gunky, heavy feels and prepare me to have a good day. Saying these words does that for me. So, if I’m grumpy, I just say thank you even more. Looking for more and more things to be grateful for until I feel my mind and mood shift. This pulls me to positive quickly and gets my day started well. It also keeps me looking for the good throughout the day and makes me realize that life is always working in my favor everyday.
Occasionally I change the things I’m grateful for up, or add more, but I always start my day by saying thank you.

So, that’s my morning mantra. A practice and focus to expect and look for ALL GOOD THINGS. My emotional hygiene. My feel good button for life.

So, now I want to know...
Was there any part of this mantra/practice that you found helpful?
Do you already have a morning mantra or practice that gets your day started well?

Let me know! Share it and this post with others. We all can use a lift from time to time. And who knows, it just might be the words someone needs to hear today!

Here’s to enjoying your life & ALL GOOD THINGS my friends!

Thank you so much for reading and have a fantastic week!