"When you die and go to heaven our maker is not going to ask, "Why didn't you discover the cure for such and such?" The only question that will be asked in that precious moment is, "Why didn't you become you?" - Elie Wiesel

It's in the spirit of these words and a slight little kick in the buns that 2016 is coming to a close that I begin my first published blog. It's something I've been meaning and wanting to do for a long time. I even made it a 2016 New Year's goal. But, I've been afraid and hesitant to start. I've written pages and pages, and deleted or flied them them away thinking they were not good enough. I feared that if I started I'd run out of interesting things to say and somehow make a fool of myself. So, I shrunk. I hid. I busied myself with other work. I quieted the voice & the stories I wanted to share waiting for the "right time".

Well, today I'm dropping my doubt and putting an end to my delays. I'm turning my procrastination into action, my fear into faith, and making now, the only time we ever really have, the "right time". I'm giving myself permission to explore and share and just see where things go. Publishing at least one blog per week now through the end of 2016 (or maybe longer into 2017. We'll see!) After all, life is about enjoying the journey, right?  So, I'm focusing on enjoying mine. Squeezing every last ounce of goodness out of each breath I take In ways that matter to me. Writing and sharing my thoughts and words because It helps me be more of me and just brings me joy. And, who knows, maybe that joy will spread to others too!

So, here's to All Good Things!  A blog spot where I'll share my thoughts, my happy tilt towards life and all of it's perfection. Yes, I believe all of life is perfect. It doesn't always feel that way, but practicing this belief and writing about it sure do help me see the hard times as less of a struggle (even a gift sometimes) and the good times feel oh so much sweeter.  So, join me on my journey looking for and sharing All Good Things!

P. S. - there is a Yoga/Sanskrit word for this perspective. It is called Santosha. It's one of the five Niyamas. :)