Happy uplifting yoga in an approachable way that everyone can enjoy.

Corporate, PRIVATE & Residential Yoga in the Chicago metro area

Mary brings yoga on site, on your schedule. The corporate and residential yoga programs are personalized to your group’s abilities and needs. A customized, semi-private yoga class held in your office or an apartment building can have a huge impact on morale, stress reduction, and productivity.

Mary offers: mat yoga classes, chair yoga classes and mindful meditation sessions.

Private Yoga

One-on-one yoga offers the opportunity to practice & learn yoga on an individual and focused level. Sessions can be restorative, alignment based, strength focused... and anywhere in between.

What can you expect in a private yoga session? Private sessions are focused on YOU!  The space created in one-on-one yoga allows for more dialogue and questions which means that the sequence and pace are propelled by you and can change moment to moment.

Off the Mat Work

Yoga is not just a physical practice. Mary offers guided journaling sessions that help you unlock the benefits of yoga without ever even stepping onto the mat. These sessions are designed to help you unlock your natural sources of wellness, vitality & joy. Great to do one-on-one, or in groups of friends or colleagues. They can be done as journaling alone or in conjunction with any type of yoga practice.

SpeciaL Events

Do you want to build community? Hold a fundraiser? Just have bonding activity with your staff, office, friends or neighbors? Create and book a special event with Mary! She’s taught large outdoor group yoga classes, held yoga + salsa dancing fundraisers and much more. Contact her to bring your idea to life today!

 Contact Mary at mary@marybosak.com to learn more about pricing and availability. Get moving down the path of well being today!